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Childhood Education

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Attestation d'études collégiales

1260 heures

11 octobre 2022

15 septembre 2022

This program is offered in English only. For the French version, see : https://www.collegia.qc.ca/formations-creditables/parcours-travail-etudes-en-petite-enfance-aec/

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Program Description

Childhood educators work with children between 0 and 12 years of age. The Attestation of Collegial Studies program prepares future educators so they can carry out the following tasks and responsibilities:

  • Addressing children’s basic needs. Childhood educators must ensure the safety of all children in their care, evaluate their needs (in terms of hygiene, comfort, sleep, diet, etc.), give them the appropriate care and assess if interventions are relevant.
  • Addressing children’s psychological and educational needs. Childhood educators must establish significant relationships with the children in their care.
  • Working in partnership with different individuals.
  • Participating actively and regularly in daily activities and team meetings with their colleagues.
  • Designing and revising the educational program, with a combination of flexibility and thoroughness, in their quest for educational coherence.

Successful completion of the program results in an Attestation of collegial studies (AEC/ACS) diploma in Early Childhood Education.

The training portion of the program will be carried out 100% remotely with the exception of internships. Internships can be done in your region.

This program is offered in English only. For the formation in French, see this page.


Job Perspective

  • Early childhood centres
  • Daycare centres
  • Home-based childcare providers
  • School-based childcare centres
  • Childcare centres


Conditions of Admission

Hold a secondary school diploma (DES/SSD) or have training deemed sufficient by the CEGEP and be eligible for a program leading to an ACS by meeting one of the following conditions:

  • have interrupted their full-time studies for at least 2 consecutive sessions or 1 school year or;
  • have pursued full-time post-secondary studies for at least 2 consecutive semesters or 1 academic year or;
  • have interrupted their full-time studies during a semester and pursued post-secondary studies full-time during a semester or;
  • hold a vocational studies diploma (DEP) or;
  • be covered by an agreement between the college and an employer or benefit from a government program.

Additional condition for admission: You will need to complete a selection process that includes an interview and a test of computer knowledge. You will also need to pass an English test.

Materials and equipment required: computer, camera, high speed internet access, microphone.

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Costs : $ 39 admission fee

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Contact information

Groupe Collegia – The Gaspésie and Islands sector

Contact Lesley LeMasurier

Email : llemasurier@cegepgim.ca
Phone : 1-888-368-2201 # 1422

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